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(AIRBUS A 300 Aircraft available for SHOOTING on Hire Basis)

The children’s recreation picnic program at the Aeroplanet (India) campus is specially designed for students of all age groups (2-18 years). Each activity offered to students is full of fun and adventure. Young students from all over the country visit Aeroplanet to have a great time. The campus is centrally located at Dwarka (Near Metro station Sector-8 & Sector-9) New Delhi. The program is combination of Air Travel Safety, etiquette and outdoor & indoor sports recreation activities. Besides fun, the program designed at Aeroplanet aims at team building and social skill development.

Aeroplane Highlights

  • Flight safety demo in the Real Aircraft
  • Explanation of Cockpit by Trained Engineers (On request)
  • Photograph in the cockpit with Pilot Hat (Optional)
  • Sliding down from the Airbus A-300
  • Walk in tilted CRJ 200 Jet Aircraft passenger cabin
  • Disaster Management Training : Fire & Smoke Drill with safety measures

Aeroplanet Program

  • Entry with Airport Music
  • Issue of Boarding Pass and Boarding in Airbus A 300
  • Safety demo for use of oxygen mask, life Jacket and safety belt
  • Cockpit view from inside and outside
  • Full view of the plane from the front gallery
  • Sliding down from aircraft
  • Artificial Fire and smoke training
  • Snacks and drinks (Served in canteen/Aircraft at reasonable price on request)
  • Trampoline and Bouncy Games
  • Rope Trolley Ride
  • Rope Climbing and Rope Crossing
  • Rope Jumping
  • Climbing on inclined surface
  • Walking on balancing bar
  • Hopper Ball jump
  • Hoops
  • Skating Board
  • Indoor Game: Cricket, Basketball, Football,
  • Music & Dance
  • Aircraft Based Movies
  • The CRJ-200 Aircraft which was positioned at Aeroplanet in 2011 is being given movement (Rolling and Pitching) to give experience of Air Turbulence and walk on inclined surface.

Aeroplanet Information

  • Timing: 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM (Duration 2 to 2½ hrs Per program))/li>
  • Entry Fees Rs. 400 per head.
  • Ticketed passenger only
  • Smart casual dress at all times/ No hooks in pants / No High Heel shoes
  • No-Smoking / Non-Alcoholic Zone
  • Specially designed for school picnic, enclosed Safe & Dust free
  • Fully Air Conditioned Facility
  • Public is not allowed during school visit
  • AIRBUS A 300 Aircraft available for SHOOTING on Hire Basis
  • No public disturbance
  • Facility for dining and makeup available